Omine meant the most beautiful girl in the European native languages. Brand Omine’s creator, Jesse?Ferguson, stepped into the kingdom of frozen snow. He wanted to prepare a special Christmas gift for his beloved girl.

3 years before, Jesse?Ferguson was an operator in a channel radio, and he came to the place the Aboriginal peoples lived in, with the purpose to looking for the inspiration of channel’s voice in winter. As he may, he found the heavenly music, and he gained his love as well. His girlfriend, Kerintina, was born in this place together with the aboriginal peoples. The people there were hard-working and kind-hearted. They lived simple and happy lives. Because of its freezing weather, they were skilled in sewing various fur coats and suede shoes. However, in order to accompanying the man she loved, Kerintina had to bid farewell to the hometown, to her closed tribal people and came to Ferguson’s country.

Besides helping Ferguson manage his career, kind Kerintina served welfare homes. She had sewed all sorts of cute sheepskin packets, little sheepskin gloves and warm boots for kids. Her born nimbus and genius in sewing were immersed into her craftsmanship. The special craftsmanship and comfort win warm praise from many nobles. Kerintina had been longing for her hometown and was be keeping her love in way of this kind of work day in and day out. 3 years after, Ferguson achieved great success in career. In the face of such a woman deserved a lifelong love, he tasked his mind to think what a different present should given to her when the Christmas was around the corner. He came to Kerintina’s home again. With the help of the clansman, he had made the first top end and luxurious wool boots in the world which was for the trademark to OMINE. The boots were dedicated to his beloved Kerintina. Kerintina opened the gift box in the children's shouts of joy. “OMINE! OMINE! OMINE!” Everyone cheered. Kerintina shared all the joy and moving with them at that moment. Then OMINE was injected a new meaning—O, my own, mutual possessions, brave possessions, all are ours, our OMINE.